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Fr. Vladimir reposed December 16, 2010

The fate of EOB is unknown, and very doubtful. However, the catalogue itself is a joy to read.

If we learn where any of these publications are currently available, we will make note of it in this catalogue.

Publications available through St. John of Kronstadt Press are marked:

Available through SJKP

Appeal for Books

The recently reposed Fr. Vladimir Anderson, who for many years provided reprints of obscure and out of print texts of Orthodox interest, shortly before his death expressed his wish that the SJKP would continue his work. His intention that the remaining materials in his home/shop should be delivered to SJKP has not been fulfilled. While we already have many of those texts, either available for sale or in the library here pending new editions, there are quite a number of which we do not have a copy. A list of needed titles is here:

Part 1

General Information

All books are paper bound.

All books are in English with three clearly indicated exceptions.

Our prices have been kept as low as possible to keep them within reach of all. We know of no other publisher that has books in our general price range. We do not accept credit cards, have an 800 phone number, nor use full color illustrations. These are costly, and their expense must be made up by higher prices. We try to maintain our prices. Our publishing is financed solely by the receipts from the sale of publications.

Free Material
Please order only those free materials that you will read. Many leaflets are listed free as single copies, but with a price for multiple copies. The multiple copy charge is to cover production costs. If you wish to include a payment for single copies, it will be appreciated, and put to use. However, it is absolutely not required.

We issue new catalogues very infrequently. Please save this catalogue for future reference.

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ISBN Numbers
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Part 2

What is the Good of Religion to Me?
How faith in God helps us to live in the best possible way. This faith in God explains the universe and man, gives meaning and joy to life, is the foundation of morality, and much else. Useful arguments to present those who live without a thought of God and believe they have no need for Him. 0-89981-140-X Price: .50

How to Save the Soul
Bishop Theophan the Recluse
How to live in a manner that puts first things first. Most useful advice. Read it with attention. Single copy free, multiple copies .05 each

Spiritual Struggles of the Early Ascetics
A special selection of some of the most useful sayings and accounts of the ascetical practices of the Fathers of the Desert. They form a basic introduction to the vast storehouse of spirituaity and asceticism that flourished in the 4th and 5th centuries. Abbreviated from the Lausiac History of Palladius. 0-89981-115-9 Price: $1.95

Do Not Judge Others - Judge Yourself
Numerous patristic quotations point out the grave danger of this all too prevalent, pernicious spiritual problem. Price: .10

Spiritual Counsels of Starets Parthenius
Starets Parthenius [Parfeny]
Succinct spiritual advice - one or two sentences distill what others would need many pages to say. Written for monks, but most useful spiritual advice for all. 0-89981-135-3 Price: .35

On Tears
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
Tears are natural for fallen human nature. Sinful tears are shed in prelest, spiritual self-delusion and hypocrisy, or when deprived of a sinful goal. On the other hand, tears are shed in the awareness of one's own sinfulness are a gift of God, and a sign of His mercy. 0-89981-1-121-3 Price: .75

On Asceticism
St. Basil the Great
Directions to those who aspire to become monastics. So much is said in such little space. Fifteen minutes to read, a lifetime to attempt to master. Straightforward and succinct. Useful to monastics and laity alike. Single Copy Free

Prelest, the Teaching of the Holy Fathers on Spiritual Self-Deception
Prelest is the spiritual deadly self-deceptive pride which leads one away from true repentance and humility, and toward an exaggerated view of one's own spirituality. Don't seek visions and spiritual fantasy - they can be the devil's deception for the unwary. Price: .25

Selected Texts on Prayer
St. Nilus of Sinai
Invaluable lessons from an extremely holy and wise instructor on how to pray. A pocket guide that contains more wisdom for those seeking the Kingdom of God than most books have in hundreds of pages. 0-89981-090-X Price: .50

Fifty Spiritual Homilies
St. Macarius the Great
Spiritual guidance that has helped countless people in their struggle for salvation for over 1500 years. Excellent spiritual advice; a very important work. Long a classic; this advanced spiritual work is a difficult one to master. St. Macarius was outstanding for his holiness and power over demons. This book has an invaluable Orthodox instruction, and the life of St. Macarius. 0-89981-035-7 Price: $12.50

Some Aspects of Orthodox Spirituality
An insight into the concept of Orthodox holiness. 0-89981-096-9/ 8-89981-067-5 Price: .50

The Struggle Against Worldly Ties and Evil Spirits
Avoiding the entanglement with worldly distractions and the affections of sin. The value of prayer, perseverance, fasting and faith in helping to fling off the burden of earthly ties. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

A Prayer of Daily Confession for a Person Entering on the Way of Salvation
St. Dimitry of Rostov
0-89981-165-5 Price: .50

Remember the Second Coming of Christ
St. Ephraim the Syrian
Would you be prepared if the Second Coming of Christ occurred tomorrow? if you were to drop dead, what would you say, standing before the Judge of All? Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

How the Enemy Tries to Divert the Beginner From the True Path
Bishop the Recluse
The spiritual beginner and Satan's tricks. How the evil one attempts to lead astray the beginner - whether the beginner in monasticism or the newly baptized convert. When things go too smoothly, the beginner becomes confident of his own virtue and abilities, losing sight of his need for God's help. On the her hand, the beginner may become discouraged when meeting difficulties, and turn back to his former life. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

Teachings on the Spiritual Life
St, John Cassian
Arranged by subjects, these passages make a good handbook for spiritual development, or can serve as a reference work to be consulted in time of specific need. On Detachment, The Method of Continual Prayer, Of Contemplation, and many more topics. St. John Cassian the Roman established monasticism in Europe after having acquired a sound foundation from the holy ascetics of the deserts in Egypt and the Holy Land. 0-89981-102-7/089981-098-5 Price: $5.95
Available through SJKP Item# 2991

Mystical Writing of St. Isaac the Syrian
St. Isaac the Syrian, Bishop of Nineveh
This valuable collection of writings contains Six Treatises on the Behavior of Excellence, Profitable Advice, Foolish Zeal and Profit in Quietness. These works of deep spiritual impact were not intended for beginners, but for those advancing in perfection. So widespread was the reputation of St. Isaac, that even St. Simeon Stylites wrote to him begging advice in spiritual perplexities. St. Isaac lived in the 7th century. 089981-062-4 Price: $5.00

On Reading Spiritual and Secular Books
Bishop Theophan the Recluse
Watch carefully what you read. No one would eat food containing poison. Don't read material that can poison the mind and soul. When reading spiritual books, put what you read into practice. It is quality, not quantity, that matters. Price: .10

Exhortation to Martyrdom
St. Cyprian of Carthage
"The idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of man's hands." In the present day we must remember that cars, electronic devices, luxuries, are the work of man's hands, just as the idols of old. They too, should not be sacrificed to, by losing sight of God in the never ending quest to obtain more. Don't let them separate us from Christ. Persevere in faith and virtue. Fear not rejection and persecution by the world, which is always against those who love God. 0-89981-145-0 Price: $1.95
not the EoB version

The Glory of Martyrdom
St. Cyprian of Carthage
"You can neither desire martyrdom till you have first hated the world, nor attain God's reward unless you loved Christ. He that loveth his life in this world, will lose it in the next." There have been more martyrs in the 20th century, particularly under the Communist yoke, than there were during the persecutions of the first 300 years of the Church, when this book was written. Just as the martyrs took an uncompromising stand for their faith, today we too must take a firm stand on moral issues, despite pressures from others calling us narrow-minded for refusing to change with the times. The Ten Commandments do not evolve to conform to the rule of the majority. The inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah put tremendous pressure on the few who stood sure for what was moral. Morality is not a matter of consensus. We must take a firm stand. 0-89981-136-1 Price $1.95
not the EoB version

Chastity -- The Discipline and Advantage of Chastity
St. Cyprian of Carthage
Remember that at all times we are the temple of the Lord, and the habitation of the Holy Spirit. This excellent treatise firmly reminds us of real Christian morality. People had temptations when this was written, over 1500 years ago, and had to subdue their inclination toward the sinful, just as we do now. Morality is not subject to a vote of the majority. As this was true for the few who held out against the wanton corruption of Sodom and Gomorrah, so is it true now in a world advocating gross immorality under the diabolically cunning guise that "If it feels good, do it," "Immorality hurts no one," and "One must keep up with the times and accept immorality." These themes are preached to us on almost any TV program. This work provides arguments and support for those who wish to lead a moral life. 0-89981-126-4 Price: $1.50
Available through SJKP

Jealousy and Envy
St. Cyprian of Carthage
Take care lest the adversary fan into flames desires that can lead to our destruction.. Why crave possessions of this world at the cost of losing the next world? Root out the worm of jealousy that gnaws at our souls and prevents humility and a spiritual life. Jealousy is a sin without a limit. 0-89981-128-0 Price: $1.50

St. Cyprian of Carthage
Patience is a thing of God; let us walk in the example of Christ. Patience keeps watch over what is good and repels evil. St. Cyprian teaches the value of endurance and the troubles brought on by impatience. Avoid seeking vengeance. A good stand against those advocating a "me first" philosophy of life. 0-89981-128-0 Price: $1.95

Consolation of Those Enduring Slander
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
How we can turn slanderous and false accusations into an occasion for spiritual growth. Single copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

On Reading Spiritual Works
Archbishop Platon of Kostroma
We not only need to understand what we read, but, more importantly, we must do what we read, to benefit from spiritual books. Price: .25

On Bearing Grudges
St.Tikhon of Zadonsk
Brings home the words, "Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors" and "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you." Do not give in to the evil one to hold on to grudges. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

Spiritual Notes
St. Isaac the Syrian
Carefully chosen and selected spiritual guidance, nicely set in a large type - perfect as a gift. An excellent introduction to spiritual matters. 0-89981-101-9 Price: $2.95

On Prayer
Bishop Theophan the Recluse
For those seeking guidance in prayer. Price: .75
Available through SJKP - included in On Prayer by St. John of Kronstadt, item #2430

Three Essays: On Reading the Gospel, On Reading the Holy Fathers, On Shunning Reading Books Containing False Teachings
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
Sound advice on these important subjects by one of the leading 19th century Russian writers. If we avoid foods that contain chemicals which harm the body, how much more important it is to avoid books that contain writings which may harm the soul. Incidentally, how suitable are "adult" movies for adults? 0-89981-103-5 Price .05

The Perfection of the Monastic Life
St. Basil the Great
How those who are earnestly endeavoring to please God should live and act. Excellent advice for all, not only monastics. Sound, down to earth and practical. Free

On the Struggle Between the Flesh and the Spirit Which Occurs in a Christian
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
Concerning the constant struggle in man between the flesh and the spiritual; how to overcome the inclinations of the flesh so that we may be Christians not in name only, but in reality. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

Spiritual Direction: Letters of St. Marcarius of Optina
St. Marcarius
A selection of writings carefully chosen for application to the problems that beset a layman in their spiritual struggles. Arranged by subjects, such as: Trust in Providence, Hatred, Prayer, Illusions, Dependence on Grace, and Life in the World. A good place to turn to for the answers to the very problems that beset you. Saint Marcarius has insight into problems, their causes and remedies, that only an Elder would have. 0-89981-097-7 Price: $2.95

Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

Christ Calls a Sinful Soul to Himself
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
The call of Christ to the sinner - are you not able to find in the world the satisfaction you need? Seek satisfaction in God, asking God's help, then turning to Him and He will give you what is needed to persevere. Price: .10

Rules for a Pious Life
Archbishop Platon of Kostroma
An extremely important work. Basic, practical advice for everyone. Covers the way a Christian should conduct himself. Especially valuable in times like these, when we are surrounded by a world that advocates a decidedly different way of life. Read it slowly, and commit yourself to putting it into practice. Highly recommended. Price: .25

A Short Christian Admonition
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
You cannot hide your actions, thoughts and intentions from God, in any place or any way. Clear simple advice. Nothing new, but things we may need to be reminded of doing. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05

Bodily and Spiritual Labor
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
The balancing of bodily labor and spiritual labor. Bodily labor is necessary in order to expel the passions. However, he who does not perform spiritual labor is devoid of spiritual gifts. Price: .25

Advice to Christians
St. Basil the Great
Concentrated spiritual advice, in a very brief form. Don't simply read it, learn to live it. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05

The Unceasing Memory of God
Bishop Theophan the Recluse
The final sum of Christian endeavor is an acquisition of the ever-present memory of God. Take every precaution in order never to lose thought of God and of all His blessings. When approaching any task make the Will of God be your goal. Bishop Theophan based this work on St. Basil's writings. Price: .50

On Following Our Lord Jesus Christ
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
"Whosoever will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me." To truly become a disciple of Christ, we must renounce the world, sin and our self-will. What eternal value are the honors and things of this world? This book should cause some serious rethinking of our lives. 089981-154-X Price: .75

Intercession Commemorating the Living and the Departed
Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10

Desert Fathers

The works in this section were chiefly written in the 4th and 5th centuries by the early monastic fathers who lived in the far reaches of the Egyptian desert. There, isolated from the distractions and allures of this world, they devoted themselves to a life of incessant prayer and austere ascetical practices. Many lived solitary olives, supporting themselves by the work of their own hands. Their wisdom and excellent advice were recognized and preserved by those who made the difficult journey to their isolated caves and other humble abodes in search of spiritual guidance. Their timeless advice is as useful now to those seeking sound spiritual guidance as it was at that time.

The Sayings of the Fathers: The Apophthegmata Patrum
Spiritual wisdom from the early desert dwelling ascetics. This standard classic collection of maxims and anecdotes from the holy abbots and elders has been used as a guide for those seeking instructions in true spirituality for over 1500 years. Some of the chapter headings are: Reading, Vigil and Prayer, Humility, Love, Charity and Hospitality, Retreat From the World, and Contemplation. This work is a completely different collection from our other book, Wisdom of the Desert Fathers. It is a rich mine of spiritual advice. 0-89981-089-008-X Price: $6.95
Available through SJKP  Item# 3095

Wisdom of the Desert Fathers
A distillation of the wisdom of the early fathers who sought the solitude of the Egyptian desert in order to perfect their spiritual awareness. For example: Humility and the fear of God are pre-eminent over all virtues. The accounts of events in their lives illustrates some of the soundest spiritual advice ever offered. 089981-108-6 Price: $3.95
Available through SJKP

Lausiac History
Bishop Palladius
Palladius, the Bishop of Helenopolis, early in the 5th century made a pious pilgrimage to collect accounts of the olives of holy monks living in the numerous monasteries then existing in the Egyptian desert. The Lausiac History gives a glimpse of the lives of these God-fearing anchorites. There is much we can learn both from their lives and from the advice they give to others. 0-89981-039-X Price: $6.95
Available through SJKP

Spiritual Struggles of the Early Ascetics
Selections from the Lausic History chosen for their timeless applications for all those who struggle to live a God-pleasing life. 0-89981-115-9 Price: $1.95

Spiritual Meadow, the Pratum Spirituale
St. John Moschus
St. John gathered these accounts of the desert ascetics during his visits to numerous monasteries in Egypt, Syria and the Holy Land in the early 7th century. Much may be learned from the lives and advice of the holy men contained in these selections. 0-89981-100-0 Price: $1.25
Available through SJKP  complete book Item #2833

Fifty Spiritual Homilies
-See description in Spiritual section.

The Instructions of St. Pachomius
St. Pachomius the Great
The teachings of St. Pachomius to his monks. A guide to spiritual development compressed between simple paper covers, distilled from St. Pachomius' long life guiding and helping his God-fearing monks in their quest for spiritual advancement. This is a book to be read slowly; one cannot achieve this within days or months. When you master this book, you will have mastered yourself. When St. Pachomius died in 346A.D., there were over 10,000 monks in his monastery. 0-89981-036-5 Price: $2.95

Rule of St.Pachomius [or] The Asketikon
St. Pachomius the Great
This work is also known as the History of the Monks at Tabenna. Much can be applied to daily spiritual life from the lessons contained in these accounts of events in the lives of the monks of the first cenobitic monastery founded in the 4th century in Upper Egypt by St. Pachomius. 0-89981-078/089981-029-2 Price: $2.95

Life of St. Anthony the Great
St. Athanasius the Great
For complete description of this spiritual classic, see St. Anthony in Lives of Saints. 0-89981-042-X Price: $3.95
Available through SJKP [redone]

Fragmented Hymns from the Wadi n-Natrun
Translated manuscript fragments of prayers and hymns used by the Fathers in this early Egyptian monastic center. Reprinted so it would not become totally lost, it is more for the specialist than of general interest. 0-89981-016-X Price: $4.00


On Repentance
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
Repentance is essential lest we reach the grave without having properly prepared ourselves by paying attention to the commandment of 0ur Lord to repent. 089981-119-1 Price: .05

Brief Confession Before a Spiritual Father
It will help bring to mind many faults and areas needing improvement that otherwise may be overlooked. Evokes a sincere feeling of repentance and sorrow for our sins. Price: .10

Confession -- Questions for the Penitent
An excellent preparation for Confession, the Sacrament of Repentance. Questions to ask oneself concerning actions that may have violated God's Commandments. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

St. Ephraim the Syrian
One of the most moving spiritual writings. Truly a book to be read and reread. You will want another copy to share with a friend. 0-89981-076-4 Price: $1.95

related book available through SJKP:
Spiritual Psalter of St. Ephraim
St. Ephraim the Syrian  $30.00. hardbound  type ephraim in the search box

Excellent reading at any time, but especially before Confession. Hard-hitting and direct, it makes us look at ourselves and the true state of our spiritual life, rather than the rosier view we would like to have, overlooking many faults and excusing others. Perfect spiritual medicine for a sick soul. Translated from a pamphlet originally issued on Mt. Athos. Price: .50

The Power of Repentance
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
Do not despair in your struggle against sin; God gave us repentance as an aid to our weakness. Price: .25

Canon of Repentance
St. Tikhon of Zadonsk


Prayers of the Orthodox Church
A compact selection of standard prayers - morning and evening prayers, Prayer to the Guardian Angel, Grace at mealtime, Prayer of the 0ptina Elders, Prayer for the Acceptance of God's Will, and many others. Convenient size for ease in carrying, For those wishing to give a copy to a friend, there is a reduced price of 3 for $1.00. We have set this price to make it available to all, because it is such an important book. If you cannot afford even this price, we will be happy to send you a copy without charge. If you are able to pay more, a donation would be appreciated to cover the cost of distribution to those who are unable to pay. This prayer book does not replace the standard complete prayer books, such as the excellent one published by Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville, NY 13361, but is intended to fill the need for an economical, handy size work. 089981-075-6 Price: .50

Brief Prayer Book
An introductory booklet containing a very brief selection of prayers for distribution to those who have no previous experience with formal prayers. 0ur other book, Prayers of the Orthodox Church, is far more extensive. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

How a Christian Should Pray
St. Symeon the New Theologian
Pray with the whole heart, not just the lips. pray with fear and reverence. How to conquer the distractions of demons. Bound with The Reading of Sacred Scripture. Price: .35

Pray Continually
St. Macarius the Great
Prayer should be continual and said with attention. The soul must be totally directed towards God. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

The Lord's Prayer
St. Cyprian of Carthage
One of the earliest and best expositions of the Lord's Prayer. Each phrase is explained and illustrated by numerous quotations from Scripture. This work is frequently referred to in books dealing with prayer in the Early Church. -89981-054-3 Price: $1.95
Available through SJKP  [redone $3.50]

Homily on Prayer
St. Aphraates
Purity of heart is needed for prayer. Advice on the life of prayer by St. Aphraates, a 4th century East Syrian Bishop, who was known as the Persian Sage. 089981-072-1 Price: $1.00

Prayers to the Most Holy Theotokos for Every Day of the Week 
Elder Nilus
Special prayers to the Theotokos/The Mother of God/The Virgin Mary for each day of the week.
0-8991-134-5 Price: .50

Prayers for the Sick
Prayers to be read to or by the sick. Consolation and help to those in pain. A copy given to an ill non-Orthodox friend may help lead to the Truth in time of need. 0-8991-114-0 Single Copy Free, multiple copies .25 each

Prayer for the Dead
The theology concerning prayer for the dead. For complete description, see Theology heading. 0-89981-045-4 Price: .50

The Daily Prayer of Hieroschemamonk Parthenius
A wonderful prayer for help in overcoming self, seeking, repentance, the remembrance of the needs of others. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

Prayer for the Acceptance of God's Will
Prayer for Divine direction in our lives, to enable us to accept and fulfill what God wants us to do. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each 

Prayer of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow
Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each 

Prayer of St. Ephriam the Syrian
Lord and Master of my life, give me not the spirit of idleness, of despondency, of ambition, and of unprofitable words. But give me, Thy servant, the spirit of chastity, humility, of patience and of love. Teach me, O Lord, my King, to see my own faults and not to condemn my brother, for Thou are praised from ages to ages. Amen.
This prayer is used in the Lenten Services. Printed on a card. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

Prayer Life for the Beginner
Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
Forty well laid out pieces of advice to one who is beginning to go toward God. Do not seek raptures or ecstasies; reject apparently bright ideas that come to you in prayer, they only distract you. Persevere in prayer with attention. 0-89981-156-6 Price: .50

Prayer of Intercession
Prayer for those most needing our prayers. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .05 each

The Jesus Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. On small cards. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

Concerning the Jesus Prayer
How to pray continuously, using the Jesus Prayer. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10 each

The Prayer of the Optina Elders
O Lord, grant me with tranquility of soul to meet all that the coming day may bring. Grant me to surrender myself completely to Thy holy will. At every hour of this day, guide and sustain me in all things. Whatsoever tidings I may receive in the course of this day, teach me to receive them with peace of soul and the firm conviction that all is in Thy holy will.
Govern Thou my thoughts and feelings in all my words and deeds. In all unforeseen circumstances, let me not forget that all cometh down from Thee.
Teach me to deal uprightly and prudently with every member of my family, disturbing and grieving none.
O Lord, grant me strength to bear the weariness of the coming day and all events in the course of the day. Govern Thou my will and teach me to pray, to believe, to hope, to be patient, to forgive, and to love. Amen
Single Copy .05

Prayer to the Holy Fathers of Optina
A deeply moving prayer for all. Note: This is not the Prayer of the Optina Elders, but rather a prayer to them written at the time of their canonization in 1990. Single Copy Free, Multiple Copies .10

Concerning the Sign of the Cross
Why the Sign of the Cross is made. For complete description, see Theology section. Price: .50

Service Books

Akathist to Sts. Martha and Mary
A service of prayer, asking for the intercession of Sts. Martha and Mary. 089981-112-4 Price: $1.00

Akathist Hymn to Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos, The Joy of All Who Sorrow
0-89981-114-2 Price: $1.00

Akathist to Great Martyr George
0-89981-142-6 Price: .50

Service to a Fool for Christ's Sake
Taken from the General Menaion. May be used for such saints as St. Basil the Blessed, St. Prokopy of Ustiug, and St.Theodore of Novgorod. 0-89981-093-4 Price: .75

Service to St. Tikhon of Kaluga
The text of the service to St.Tikhon of Kaluga [St. Tikhon Medinsky] reprinted from the extremely rare 1890 Moscow edition. Not an English translation; the entire text is in 0ld Church Slavonic. 0-89981-092-6 Price: $1.50

Service to St.Tikhon of Zadonsk
Text in Slavonic. Not an English translation. Reprinted from the rare original. 0-89981-151-5 Price: $2.00 

Slavonic Service Books other than the two listed above are not carried in stock. A very complete catalog of Slavonic Service Books may be obtained from:
Holy Trinity Monastery
Jordanville, NY 13361

Services to Saints and for Special Feast Days
For a complete listing of over 500 different menaion services, akathists and other materials available in English on reinforced sheets punched for use with a standard three ring binder, and in bound volumes by months, send $5 handling costs [current 2009] to:
St. John of Kronstadt Press
1180 Orthodox Way
Liberty TN 37095-4366

Lives of Saints


Acts of the Christian Martyrs
These deeply moving eyewitness accounts of the heroic trials and deaths of the early Christian martyrs provide much inspiration, and may prove to be examples to us, should we be called upon someday to make the same choice they did. Includes the lives of St. Phocus, St. Eugenia, St. Theodore the General, St. Demetrius, and others. 0-89981-002-0 Price: $6.95
Available through SJKP   [1 copy available]

Eastern Orthodox Saints
Sabine Baring-Gould
The lives of thirteen saints including St. Macarius of Alexandria, St. Jonas the Gardener, St. Euphrosyne, St.Paula and St. Martinian. 0-89981-019-5 Price: $1.25

Lives of Serbian Saints
The lives of 17 Serbian saints, including the lives of St. Sava, St. Stephen Milutin, St. Arseni, St. Lazar and St. Joannicius of Devitch. 0-89981-053-5 Price: $4.95

Martyrdom of Sts. Nicander, Marcian, Timothy and Maura, Euphemia and Maximus
Five different Acts of the Martyrs from the early persecutions of the Church. Their burning zeal for God could not be swayed by the burning coals of the pagan torturers. 0-89981-132-9 Price: $3.95


Life of St. Alexander Nevsky
St. Alexander Nevsky, a 13th century Russian prince, defended his country against numerous invaders. Ever mindful of the true victory, he died a tonsured monk. 0-89981-082-9 Price: .50

Life of St. Anthony the Great
St. Athanasius the Great
One of the most famous works in all hagiography, St. Anthony died in the Egyptian desert in 356. St. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, wrote this inspiring life the following year. This covers his dealing with the assault of demons and the various methods the evil one uses to trick the unwary, such as false visions. We should remain alert and prayerful but not fear the devil. The life of St. Anthony has long been held as an ascetic ideal by those seeking to devote their life to the service of God. 0-889981-042-X Price: 3.95
Available through SJKP  [redone]

St. Basil the Blessed, Fool for Christ's Sake, Wonderworker of Moscow
The life and some miracles done by the intercession of St. Basil. 0-89981-163-9 Price: 1.00

Life of St. Cuthbert
For description, see Early Irish and British Christianity section. 0-89981-043-8 Price: 8.50
Available through SJKP

Life of St. Cyprian
St. Pontus
The moving, first-hand account of the life of the great Church Father, St. Cyprian of Carthage, [d. 253 A.D.], written by his deacon, St. Pontus 0-89981-046-2 Price: 1.50

The Life of Sts. Cyprian and Justina
The life of St. Cyprian, who had been a sorcerer highly trained in the black arts, and St. Justina, a Christian virgin. His conversion by the prayers of St. Justina illustrates well the power of prayer in overcoming the forces of evil. A good book to give someone troubled by dabbling in the occult and satanic practices. Sts. Cyprian and Justina are frequently asked to intercede with God in cases of satanic influence. St. Cyprian is a different saint than St. Cyprian of Carthage. 0-89981-213-9 Price: 1.00
Available soon through SJKP  [hard copy]

Life of St. Ephraim the Syrian
The life of the great spiritual writer and example of humility. When,in his youth, St. Ephraim was falsely accused and imprisoned, he was given the insight to understand that it was just retribution for an earlier unpunished sin. St. Ephraim's name has been also translated Ephraem, and Ephraim by different translators of other material in this catalog. 0-89981-218-X Price: .50

Acts of the Martyrdom of St.Eudoxia
The conversion of St. Eudoxia, the distribution of her ill gotten wealth to the church and the poor, while leading a life of total repentance. Many were converted by her example, and by witnessing miracles performed by her intercession. She was martyred in the 2nd century. 0-89981-131-0 Price: 3.95

The Suffering of the Forty Holy Martyrs of Sabaste in Armenia
The moving and inspiring account of the Forty Martyrs who chose to be frozen to death in a lake rather than give in to the tempting offer of warmth in exchange for sacrificing to pagan gods. It is better to refuse the warmth of this world and avoid the fire of the next. Their steadfastness is an example to those tempted by the allure of the present materialistic, selfish and neo-pagan society. This is a full account of their sufferings and the miraculous vision that encouraged one of the guards to join them. 0-89981-122-1 Price: .75

Ecomium on the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
St. Basil the Great
A sermon delivered by St. Basil the Great on the very site of their martyrdom. This is the principal account of their suffering which we have. Different from our other book on the Forty Martyrs, inasmuch as this is a primary source material and the other has been rewritten for ease and flow of reading. 0-89981-083-7 Price: 1.95

St. Herman, Ascetic and Enlightener of Alaska
This brief account of the life of St. Herman was the first to be published in English. Reprinted from the extremely rare original. 0-89981-141-8 Price: .75
Available through SJKP  [Item #2487]

Life of St. Hilarion and St. Paul the First Hermit
St. Jerome
A vivid portrayal of the life, ascetic practices and miracles of St. Hilarion. St. Paul the First Hermit, also known as St. Paul of Thebes, lived a solitary life in a cave for 90 years, devoting himself to prayer and mortification. 0-89981-047-0 Price: 1.95

Metropolitan Innocent of Moscow, The Apostle of Alaska
Charles R. Hale
A brief glimpse of the heroic labors of St. Innocent. Includes translations of several of his letters. St. Innocent was ceaseless in his missionary endeavors to bring the Truth of Christ to those who dwelt in darkness. May his life inspire others to such missionary fervor. Reprint of the 1888 original edition. 0-89981-058-6 Price: 1.25
Available at SJKP
Living Orthodoxy #182 [March/April, 2011] 

Life of St. John the Almsgiver
St. John the Almsgiver was the 7th century Patriarch of Alexandria who was famed for his unstinting charity and care for his flock. His life is an inspiring example to us in the world of today, where coldness of hear and greed are the rule rather than the exception. 0-89981-048-9 Price: 1.25

St. Juliana of Nicomedia
St. Juliana, martyred during the reign of the Emperor Maximian early in the 4th century, firmly resisted the attempts of the devil to turn her from her resolution not to renounce Christ. 0-89981-130-2 Price: 1.00

The Life of St. Marcrina
St. Gregory of Nyssa
The inspiring life of St. Macrina [d. 380 A.D.] written by her brother.St.Gregory of Nyssa, who gave as his reason for his writing this his desire that "She who had reached the highest summit of human virtue and true wisdom should not fall into oblivion but be of advantage to others." 0-89981-049-7 Price: 2.95

St. Margaret of Antioch
The account of the persistent refusal of St. Margaret to renounce her Faith despite many cruel tortures imposed upon her. 0-89981-138-8 Price: 1.25
Available through SJKP  [redone]

Schemamonk Mark of Sarov
Pray often, don't argue, bless and forgive. 0-89981-167-1 Price: .50

Life of St.Martin of Tours
Sulpicius Severus
The original life of the famous St. Martin, Bishop of Tours [d. 399 A.D.]. Deeply moving account of the miracles worked by God through St. Martin, written by an eyewitness. St. Martin is known to many people as the saint who cut his cloak in half in order to share it with a beggar. 0-89981-050-0 Price: 2.95

Life of St. Moses the Black
The moving account of his conversion from a fierce robber to a humble monastic. He is also known as St. Moses the Ethiopian. Highly recommended. 0-89981-113-2 Price: .75

Life of St. Nicholas
A brief, basic life of St. Nicholas -- for both adults and children. 0-89981-085-3 Price: .50

Life of St. Onuphrius
The brief life of the great hermit of the Egyptian desert. Price: .15

Life of St. Panteleimon
The life of St. Panteleimon, the Unmercenary Physician, whose intercession is sought in times of sickness. Price: .25

Hieroschemamonk Parthenius, Elder of the Kiev Caves Larva
Life of the author of Spiritual Councils, Starets Parthenius [Parfeny] 0-89981-120-5 Price: 1.25

Tripartite Life of St. Patrick
For description, see Early Irish and British Christianity section. Price: 5.95

Passion of the Holy Martyrs Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
One of the most famous Acts of the Martyrs, dating from 202 A.D. The account of the martyrdom of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, and companions Revocatus, Saturnius and Secundulus and their calm facing of death is a great inspiration to all. 0-89981-113-7 Price: 2.95

Life and Miracles of St. Pitrium of Tambov
The holy life of St.Pitrium [1644-1698 A.D.], Bishop of Tambov, and an account of miracles performed by his intercession. 0-89981-209-0 Price: 1.00

Martyrdom of St. Polycarp
The Encyclical Epistle of the Church of Smyrna concerning the martyrdom of the Holy Polycarp, with St. Polycarp's letter to the Philippians.
The straightforward eyewitness account of the martyrdom of the aged St. Polycarp in 155 A.D. His fearlessness in the face of death should strengthen those who are asked to compromise their faith or the Ten Commandments for the sake of temporal expediency. Also contains St. Polycarp's letter to the Philippians [for complete description, see Early Church]. 0-89981-056-X Price: 1.50

Life of St. Porphyry, Bishop of Gaza
Mark the Deacon
The inspiring and moving life of St. Porphyry, written by an eyewitness to the event, St. Porphyry's deacon, Mark. During the last years of paganism's attempts to retain a hold over the people, St. Porphyry stood out for his love of Christ and manner of refuting paganism. 0-89981-041-1 Price: 2.95

Seven Holy Sleepers of Ephesus
The remarkable account of seven youths who were walled up alive in a cave for their faith during the rule of Emperor Decius, and awoke 362 years later. 0=89981-125-6 Price: .50

The Life of St. Simon Stylites
The ascetical life of this famous saint who dwelt on a pillar over fifty feet tall for thirty-seven years. 089981-051-9 Price: .75

St. Susanna
St. Susanna was related to both the Emperor Diocletian and St. Claius. This life was taken from the acts of her martyrdom. 0-89981-088-8 Price: 1.00

Life of Our Holy Father Theodosius, Archbishop of Chernigov 
0-89981-166-3 Price: .50

The Epistle of the Gallican Churches, Lugdunum and Vienne
The introduction deals with some of the causes of the beginning of the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. An eyewitness account of the martyrdoms in 177A.D. This is also known as The Letter of the Churches of Vienne and Lyons to the Churches of Asia and Phrygia. 0-89981-123-X Price: 2.95


An Early Christian Martyrology: The Names of 0ur Lords the Confessors and Victors and The Days on Which They Gained Their Crowns
William Wright, translator
The translation of a short Syrian Martyrology from 411A.D. One of the first listings of saints according to the day on which they were martyred. This work is of rather restricted interest. It was reprinted because of the extreme rarity of the original. 0-89981-018-7 Price: 2.95

Martyrology or Felire of St. Aengus
For description, see Early Irish and British Christianity section. 0-89981-057-8/0-89981-025-X Price: 12.50

Theology - The Orthodox Church

The Symbol of Faith [The Creed]
"I believe in one God, the Father Almighty..." printed on a large sheet of paper. Price: .25

What is the Orthodox Church
How the Orthodox Church has maintained an historic, unbroken line of faith and tradition since the time of Christ -- not changing universally held doctrine, as did the Roman Catholics, nor as the Protestants, springing up 1500 years after the establishment of the Church, and ignoring, not knowing, or vilifying most that took place during 75% of the time Christianity has been established. Includes: the source of the Faith and Doctrines of the Orthodox Church, veneration of the Mother of God and saints, the seven sacraments, and more. Single copy free, multiple copies .10 each

The Scriptural Basis of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Bishop Anatolius of Mohilew and Mstislaw
An excellent book for explaining to Protestants and others who accept the Holy Scriptures as a guide, that the Church established by Christ has been maintained by the Holy Spirit and still exists - the Orthodox Church. Practices, tradition, doctrine of the Orthodox Church are answered by scriptural references. Concise, yet comprehensive. Prayerful reading of it can only lead to the eventual conclusion that The Church is the Orthodox Church. 0-89981-028-4 Price: .50 [3 copies for $1.00]

Shorter Catechism of the Orthodox Church
So much packed in a little book. A good beginning for those wishing to scale spiritual heights. Step one, the foundation of faith; belief in this must precede the quest for mystical experiences. Excellent to give to a prospective convert to Orthodoxy. 0-89981-094-2 Price: .50

Catechism of the Orthodox Church
Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow
A clear and accurate introduction to the essential theology of the Orthodox Church. Especially suited for non-Orthodox wishing to learn the position of the Orthodox Church as well as for Orthodox seeking to learn more about their faith. Long a standard catechism of the Orthodox Church, it is based principally on an explanation of the Creed [Symbol of Faith]. 0-89981-009-8 Price: 3.95
Available through SJKP  [redone]

True Church of Christ
Fr. Sebastian Dabovich
The Orthodox Church is the true Church of Christ, which continues the beliefs and practices of the early Church. 089981-105-1 Price: .25

Selected Lives of Saints
Preaching in the Russian Church

Orthodox Doctrine of the Apostolic Eastern Church
Metropolitan Platon of Moscow
The basic doctrine of Christianity as set forth in Scripture, defined in the Ecumenical Councils, and the traditions preserved by the Orthodox Church. Basic Christian beliefs -- man's creation, the future life, Divine Revelation, an exposition of the Creed, the Sacraments, and a detailed analysis of the Ten Commandments and their meaning in or daily life. 0-89981-066-7 Price: 5.00

Holy Orthodox Church: It's Rituals, Services and Sacraments
Fr. Sebastian Dabovich
An introductory book on the Orthodox Church. The Sacraments, Church Services - Divine Liturgy, Vespers, Matins; the Service books of the Church, Orthodox terminology, the Church building and vestments, and their symbolic meanings, fastings, icons,and other church practices are thoroughly explained in clear terms for those not familiar with the Orthodox Church. frequently, when there is a difference between the Orthodox practices or doctrine and that of the western churches, the difference is explained, with the reason for the Orthodox position. 089981-030-6 Price: 2.95 

Orthodox Faith and Practice
An excellent compilation. How to actin church,how to enter church, how and when to cross oneself, venerating icons,etc. Very useful for those new to the church as well as those born into the church who wish to learn the correct standards and traditions. Price: .10

How One Should Pray in Church
A very useful guide to the customary practices in church,concerning when to make the sign of the Cross, and when great and little bows are made. Single copy free, multiple copies .10 each
Orthodox Life, January-February1976, Vol. 26 no. 1, page 24

Tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Church
The scriptural and theological basis of tradition in the Orthodox Church. Useful for both Orthodox and others in understanding the vital role that tradition has played in the church antedating the assembly of books of Scripture into the New Testament. 089981-104-3 Price: .50  

The Veneration of Icons
St. John Damascus
A brief theological introduction to icons in the Eastern Orthodox Church. For complete description, see listing in Icons section.
0-89981-107-8/089981-033-0 Price: .50

The Basis for the Veneration of Saints
L. Paevsky
An excellent introduction to the theology of invoking saints in our prayers to God. Well supported by numerous scriptural quotations. Its clear, concise manner is useful in presenting this important subject to the non-Orthodox. 089981-143--3 Price: .25

The Doctrine of the Communion of Saints
J.P. Kirsch
The intercessions of the faithful for one another, relations of those in Heaven with those on earth, prayers for the dead, Angels and man, asking the intercessions of the Saints. A very thorough study of these important areas. The non-Orthodox author has been guided by Patristic sources which he quotes extensively. 089981-148-5 Price: $15.00

On the Incarnation of the Word
St. Athanasius the Great
A major theological work on the doctrine of redemption, the necessity of the Incarnation, Divinity and Humanity of Christ, Christ's Death and Resurrection, and a refutation of the arguments put forth by the Jews against the Divinity of Christ. Written in the year 336 A.D. 0-89981-065-9 Price: 2.95
read with Daisy 
St. Vladimir's Seminary publication

The Departure of the Soul and How it is Separated from the Body
St. Marcarius the Alexandrian
The report of a conversation between St. Marcarius and two angels concerning what happens to the souls of the recently reposed. The utter valuelessness of earthly concerns and strivings is shown in view of the punishment of hades and the judgment of the soul. The importance of prayer for the dead is stressed. This short, sobering pamphlet may induce a change of values to spiritual rather than material. Price: .10

Prayer for the Dead
A very important book. Covers in detail why the dead are prayed for in general and on the third, ninth and fortieth day following death. What happens to the soul after death. The special days set aside during the year for particular commemorations of the dead. Many examples of the efficacy of prayer for the dead. 08899-045-4 Price: .50

Bishop Nicolai Velimirovich
A clear introduction to the theology and tradition concerning angels - filled with spiritual understanding. 089981--201-5 Price: .75 

Angels and the 0ther Heavenly Bodiless Powers
St. Dimitry of Rostov
An extremely interesting explanation of the theology,creation,nature and duties of Angels, Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim,and other Angelic beings,in clear, easily-understood language. 089981-033-9 Price: .25

Concerning the Sign of the Cross
The antiquity of the custom of the Sign of the Cross. Why the three fingers are crossed. The use of making the sign of the Cross and its efficacy in destruction of demonic power. The making of the sign of the Cross distinguished a Christian from an unbeliever. [except for KGB agents -jh] 089981-200-7 Price: .50

Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
An excellent explanation of the theological reasons for fasting, a practical still maintained in the Orthodox Church. 089981-024-1 Single copy free, multiple copies .10 each

Eustratios Argenti: Study of the Greek Church Under Turkish Rule
Bishop Kallistos Ware
Life and writings of Eustratios Argenti, the noted 18th century Greek theologian. A good insight into the basic theological differences between the Orthodox and Roman Catholics may be gained from the extensive quotations. 0-89981-023-3 Price: 12.50

Instructions in God's Law
Peter Smirnoff
Covers the basics of Christian belief, the major events of the 0ld and New Testaments. A selection of prayers and instructions on the Services of the Church [Divine Liturgy, Vespers, Matins], the important Feasts of the Christian year, icons and much more are included. Useful in providing a basic overview of Christianity to adults who have not had the opportunity to acquire it early as well as being eminently suitable for the instruction of children in their Faith at home. 089981-034-9 Price: 5.00

The Church is One
Alexei Khomiakov
This easily readable theological explanation of the unity of the Church instituted by Christ covers Scripture and Tradition, the Creed and the Sacraments. 089981-2215-5 Price: 1.00
Available through SJKP  [redone]

On the Unity of the Church and On the Lapsed
St. Cyprian of Carthage
Two basic books by this 3rd century Father of the Church. The Unity of the church is achieved by unity under a true bishop, not the unity presently being espoused by ecumenists, that of finding the lowest common denominator. A staunch upholder of "One flock, One Shepherd," St. Cyprian's work is a historic defense against the encroachment of ecumenism, and the avoidance of heresy and schism. On the Lapsed was originally written concerning those who had given in to the pressures to renounce Christianity, and wished to return. The role of Confession and Repentance in reconciling the lapsed to the Church is stressed. 089981-038-1 Price: 3.95
Available through SJKP

Encyclical Letter of St. Mark of Ephesus
St. Mark of Ephesus
St. Mark of Ephesus attended the Western Council of Florence in1438, but refused to agree with the attempt to unite the Orthodox Church to the Roman Catholic by accepting the innovations and changes made to the traditional Orthodox faith by the pope. This letter concisely deals with the Filoque and other questions. Considered one of the Symbolic Books, or basic theological writings of the Orthodox Church. 089981-021-7 Price: .50

Confession of Dositheus; also called 
The Acts of the Council of Jerusalem
The Council of Jerusalem met in 1627 to condemn the teachings of Cyril Lukar that were influenced by Protestant ideas; as a result, the Council directly addressed the principal Protestant heresies. Some of the areas covered are: Are the Scriptures plain to all Christians who read them? What books do you call the Sacred Scripture? How ought we to think of the Holy Icons and of the Saints as well as many other items. 089981-012-8/089981-001-2 Price: 1.95

Reply of the Orthodox Church to Roman Catholic 0vertures on Reunion [1895]
Clarifies the theological differences between Orthodox and Roman Catholics, emphasizing the strong Orthodox adherence to the teaching of the Early Church while resisting innovations. 0-89981-117-5 Price: 1.95

Encyclical Epistle of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
An excellent refutation of the claims of the Roman Catholics that they have upheld true belief and practices from the beginning of Christianity. Without rancor, the bishops assembled in Constantinople in 1848 pointed out exactly where Roman Catholics have strayed from the truth. An excellent defense of Orthodox theology and exposure of Roman Catholic errors. 089981-020-9 Price: 2.95

Is It Sufficient Only to Beolieve in Christ in Order to be Saved
St. Theophan the Recluse

Early Fathers of the Church

The Didache - The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles
This important work is also known as The Teaching of Our Lord Through the Twelve Apostles to the Gentiles.It is one of the oldest documents of Christian antiquity. It is written approximately 75-90 A.D., and gives good insight into the Church policy and practices at this early date, enabling us to see how many of them are still an integral part of the Orthodox Church. The condemnation of abortion from the earliest days of the Church is clearly shown. 089981-205-8 Price: 1.50
Available through SJKP  [redone]

Edited by Metropolitan Philotheos Brynnios
Greek text of Didache, no translation. For translation, see preceding book. 089981-204-X Price: 2.50

Epistles of St. Ignatius of Antioch
St. Ignatius of Antioch
The seven Epistles of St. Ignatius - advice to the early Chrustians at the end of the first century which is still useful today. A good proof of the tradition of an organized Church fully established at the time as it is today in the Orthodox Church. 089981-0225-5 Price: 1.50

Martyrdom of St. Polycarp, and the Epistle of St. Polycarp to the Philippians
The letter of St/ Polycarp presents an excellent guide for leading a truly Christian life. The necessity of loving one another, and the evil of covetousness are stressed. In an increasingly cold world, Christians must continue to show the love for their fellow men that so marked the early Christians. St. Polycarp had been taught by some of the Apostles. His writing proves the existence of priests and deacons from Apostolic times. 089981-056-X Price: 1.50
Give ye heed to the bishop that God may also give heed to you.

Let no man do aught of things pertaining to the Church apart from the bishop.

Let us therefore be careful not to resist the bishop that by our submission we may give ourselves to God.

-St. Ignatius of Antioch

History of the Arians
St. Athanasius the Great
The history of the Arians down to the year 357. Also contains Concerning the Death of Arius, written to St. Seraphim of Thumis and the Letter to Monks. 089981-158-2 Price 6.95

Homily on Paradise
St. Basil the Great
What was it like in Paradise, the Garden of Eden?   The state of man, and the description of Paradise before the Fall. 089981-068-3 Price: .75

Five Instructions on the Sacraments
St. Cyril of Jerusalem
Instructions originally given to adult converts who were about to be baptized. 089981-026-8 Price: 1.25

Concerning the Mysteries
St. Ambrose
The writings of St. Ambrose. Bishop of Milan [d. 397] on the Sacraments; dealing chiefly with the reception of Baptism by an adult convert to Christianity. 089981-013-6 Price 1.25

Alms and Charity: A Sermon on Almsgiving
St. John Chrysostom
Written after St. John Chrysostom had seen the poor suffering in the streets. If we investigate the lives of men too closely, we shall never have pity on anyone.

On Mortality - A Christian Preparation for Death
St. Cyprian
St. Cyprian's famous work on the way a Christian should approach and view death; not with fear of the end of life in this world, but with hope of the life in the world to come. A clear, logical and comforting work. 0-89981-064-0/089981-010-1 Price: 1.50

On Works and Alms
St. Cyprian of Carthage
Let us, while there is time, take thought for our eternal salvation.  Let us not be weary in well-doing, for in its season we shall reap.  Give unstintingly to God Who has given so many blessings and even our very existence.  Do not become a captive and a slave of your money, bound with the chains of covetousness.  That we may not reap little, let us now sow abundantly.  A powerful work to set one on the right path.  0-89981-127-2  Price: $1.95

Life and Works of St. Cyprian of Carthage
The set of 10 different books includes:  
The Life of St. Cyprian 
Exhortation to Martyrdom 
Glory of Martyrdom 
Jeaolousy and Envy 
On the Unity of the Church, and the Lapsed 
The Lord's Prayer
On Mortality 
On Works and Alms
0-89981-040-3  Cost if Purchased Separately: $17.75  
Set of 10 books Price: $14.95

Patrology: The Lives and Works of the Fathers of the Church
Otto Bardenhewer
Patristics from the Didache to the end of the 6th century.  Brief biographies and summaries of their writings, both major and minor, as well as the chief theological/spiritual positions of the Fathers of the Church. All works are listed, even if they are no longer extant. Extensive notes. A mine of information, not just the highlights.  The author was Roman Catholic.  Translated from the 1901 German edition.  Most of the writings covered in this book will lead us to God.  However, the book itself and scholarship in general will not.  0-89981-069-1  3 Volume set Price: $37.50

[Many other writings of the Fathers of the Church are listed under other headings in this catalogue.]

Missionary Activity

It is occasionally said by the misinformed that the Orthodox Church is not missionary oriented and that converts are not sought.  Quite the contrary is true.  We must share our faith with those outside the Church in accordance with the words of the Gospel, "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."  Matt28:19-20

Russian Orthodox Missions 
Eugene Smirnoff
The spread of Orthodoxy throughout all of Russia and Alaska.  Shows the difficuolties enco=untered by these heroic missiol=naries in meeting the  widely diverse groups of native peoples, the physical hardships, linguistic, culturaol and other probolems.  How would you teach the Lord's Prayer to the Ostiak, who had no word for bread?  0-89981-080-2   Price: $8.95
Available through SJKP 

Russian Missions in China and Japan
Charles Hale
An account of the then Archimandrite Nicholas [now St. Nicholas] and his work in establishing the Orthodox Church in Japan, as well as the bringing of the Russian Orthodox Church to China in the early 18th century.  Taken from contemporary Russian journals and correspondence.  A reprint of the extremely rare 1878 printing.  089981-079-9  Price: $1.50

The Orthodox  Missionary Society of Russia: an History Account of its Foundation
The organization of the Society, its constitution, and a brief outline of its work.  Reprinted from a rare English translation of 1877.  This is of very limited interest, reprinted solely to preserve it from oblivion, and to serve as reminder of the early Russian Orthodox missionary activity.  0-89981-146-9  Price: $1.50

Metropolitan Innocent of Moscow, the Apostle of Alaska
An account of Orthodox missionary activity in Alaska and Siberia - for complete description, see Live of Saints  O-89981-058-6  Price:  $1.25

Sharing the Faith

The following are particularly useful to have available to distribute to people interested in learning about the Orthodox Church.

What is the Orthodox Church
The Source of the Faith and Doctrine of the Orthodox Church, the veneration of the Mother of God and the saints, the seven Sacraments.  Much information in compact form.  Price:  Single copy free, multiple copies .10 each

Prayers [Brief Prayer Book]
This booklet fills a great need by providing a very brief collection of prayers that may be given to non-rthodox to provide them with a glimpse of the rich treasury of Orthodox prayers.  Perhaps it will act as a seed and the faith will grow within their hearts.  Price:  Single copy free, multiple copies .10 each

Prayers of the Orthodox Church
More inclusive than "Prayers."  See complete description under Prayer.  0-89981-075-6  Price: .50

Shorter Catechism of the Orthodox Church
The basis of belief of the Orthodox Church, presented in a concise manner.  089981-094-2  Price:  .50

Scriptural Basis of the Orthodox Faith
The beliefs of the Orthodox Church are shown to be firmly taught in the Holy Scriptures.  Excellent to show those who claim to totally accept the Scriptures, yet reject The Church.  0-89981-0284  Price:  .50 or 3 copies for $1.00

The Creed [Symbol of Faith]
The summary of the beliefs of the Orthodox Church [Included in both prayers books.]  Printed on a large sheet of paper separately.  Price:  .25

What Good is Religion to Me?
Useful arguments to present to those who live without a thought of God, and believe they have no need for God.  089981-140-X  Price:  .50

Concerning the Non-Orthodox

Confession of Dositheus, also called
Acts of the Council of Jerusalem
A refutation of Protestant errors.  089981-001-2  Price:  $1.95

Anglican-Orthodox Inter-communion
Bishop Raphael
The impossibility of inter-communion between Orthodox and Anglicans [Episcopalians].  Clearly shows the Anglican differences from Orthodoxy. Originally written in 1913, it does not cover the more recent doctrinal divergences.  089981-004-7  Price:  .50

Encyclical Epistle of St. Mark of Ephesus
Concerning the Filoque, and other matters preventing union of Orthodoxy and Roman Catholic.  For a complete description, see listing under Theology.
089981-021-7  Price:  .50

Encyclical Epistle of the Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church
The 1848 reply to Pope Pius IX when he sought to have the Orthodox Church submit to papal jurisdiction.  For a complete description, see listing under Theology.  089981-020-9  Price:  $2.95

The Reply of the Orthodox Churches to Roman Catholic Overtures on Reunion - Ecumenism or Truth
The 1985 reply to Pope Leo XIII refusing union with Rome.  Stress on the preservation of the Faith, unchanged and without innovation.  How can absolute Truth evolve or change?  089981-117-5  Price:  $1.95

Mormons Origins, an Eyewitness Account
An eyewitness account, beginning in 1827, of the true origin of Mormonism and of the character of Joseph Smith Jr.  Originally written in 1824 by a Protestant pastor of Palmyra, New York, where Smith lived when he wrote the Book of Mormon  The author's own Protestant views are evident, however.  Original title: Gleanings by the Way.  089979-058-5  Price:  $12.50

Is It Sufficient Only to Believe in Christ in Order to Be Saved
Bishop Theophan the Recluse
Refutes the false teaching concerning salvation by faith alone, without personal labors and struggles, and without the sacramental life of the Church. If the angels fell, so can man.  A refutation of Protestant errors.  Price: .25

St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

This section under construction...

Saint John [Maximovitch] was highly regarded for his holiness, ascetic practices and miraculous works.  Previous to coming to San Francisco, he had been bishop in Shanghai and Western Europe. He strongly supported the missionary work of spreading knowledge of the Orthodox Faith in the Western World.  He reposed in the Lord on July 2, 1966 [new style] and was glorified as a saint on July 2, 1994 [new style].

All items in this section are free, but donations are accepted.  There is no obligation to send any money.

by St. John:

Holy Water
Holy Water, blessed at Theophany, has power to heal, drive away demons, preserve people and sanctify various objects.

Last Judgment
The end of the world, as set forth in the Apocalypse of St. John.  The antichrist and his rule.  The return of Elijah and Enoch, climaxing with the final coming of the Lord.  Refutes the "Rapture" theory of the end of the world.

Life After Death
The Orthodox theology concerning the newly departed, what happens to the soul immediately after the death of the body.  Sound guidance on the proper and spiritual way to deal with death, the efficacy of prayers for the dead, and our duty to pray for them.  Frightening for those who have led a life without concern for God's commandments.

What Do We Mean by the Word Orthodox
A Christina in the strict sense of the word is he only who confesses the true doctrine of Christ and olives in accordance with it.

The Word Anathema, and it's Meaning
Traces the etymology and the theological meaning of Anathema - complete separation from the Church.

Sacred Scripture

The Reading of Sacred Scripture
St. Symeon the New Theologian
Prayer is necessary in order to obtain devotion and profit from spiritual reading.  The understanding of Divine Scripture is a gift from God.  Bound with How a Christian Should Pray.  Price:   .35

The Study of the Scriptures
St. John Chrysostom
Counsel on the wisdom of the spiritual benefits to be gained from the reading of Holy Scripture,  Price:  .25

Three Essays:  On Reading the Gospel, On Reading the Holy Fathers, On Shunning Reading of Books Containing False Teachings
Bishp Ignaty Brianchaninov
Sound advice on these important subjects by one of the leading 19th century Russian writers.  089981-103-5  Price:  .50

Icons and Iconography

The Veneration of Icons
St. John of Damascus
A brief theological introduction to the teachings on the subject of the Orthodox Church's use of icons in its churches and private prayer life.  Useful in clarifying the role of icons to a non-Orthodox person. 0-89981-1078/0-89981-033-0  Price:  .50

Iconmakers Handbook of the Stoganov School of Iconpainting
An important handbook for iconpainters and those interested in the history of icons.  It has in sketch form the icons for the major saints of each day and for the major Church Feasts.  Reprinted from the 1869 Moscow printing of a unique manuscript.  English introduction and translation of the names of the saints.  0-89981-031-4/0-89981-032-2  Price:  $12.50

On Holy Images
St. John of Damascus
This major theological work on Icons is based on the writings of the early Fathers of the Church.   The original sources [in translation] are quoted at length.  Originally written at the time of the iconocolast controversies, it clearly states the traditional position of Icons in the Orthodox Church.  0-89981-063-2  Price:  $3.95
Available through SJKP  [Item # 2746]

Icon of All the Saints of Mount Athos
A large size [11"x17"] black and white copy of an extremely rare icon of all the saints of Mount Athos/ the Holy Mountain.  Mailed folded. For tube mailing, add $4.00 extra postage.  No extra postage charged if shipped folded, with a book order.  Price:  $1.00 

We have some color photocopies of rare icons, originally printed approximately 100 years ago.  These icons are not up to the reproductive standards of printed icons, however, in order to give access to them, we have reproduced them in this manner in very limited amounts.   The usual size is 4"x6".  The list of the icons available is sent on request.  Price:  $2.00 each

Icons on Ribbons
Modern reproductions of 19th century line cut engraved icons, printed by the same process as the originals.  One color ink on satin ribbon material, approximately 4x6 inches in size.  Presently available are St. Sergius and St. Panteleimon.  Others may be added.  Price:  $1.00 each

Antichrist - The End Times

Antichrist, The Second Coming of the Lord, The End of the World
St. Ephraim the Syrian and St. John of Damascus
One of the most important sources for patristic comment concerning the antichrist and the End of the World.  The antichrist is bound to come.  Details on the horrendous events and trials at the end,  Let us be prayerful and alert,  lest we be deceived.  089981-006-3  Price:  .75

St. Hippolytus
One of the earliest works on the Antichrist and the end of the world, based principally on the Apocalypse [Book of Revelation].  St. Hippolytus, Bishop of Rome, died in 235.  0-89981-005-5  Price:  $2.95

Orthodoxy or Heterodoxy Before the Face of Antichrist
Archimandrite Constantine
Shows that in the last days a faithful few will seek out Orthodoxy, while others deceived by the antichrist will succumb to heterodoxy masquerading as the new truth.  0-89981-007-1  Single copy free, multiple copies .10 each

The Last Judgment
St. John [Maximovitch]
The End of the World - the manner of the coming of antichrist, the change in people - seeking compromise rather than truth, and the final coming of Our Lord, very clearly and precisely stated.  Must reading, especially for any deluded by the "Rapture" theory.  Price:  single copy free

Remember the Second Coming of Christ
St. Ephraim the Syrian
Are you prepared to die?  No more excuses or procrastination.  How will you answer the Judge of All?  Price: single copy free, multiple .05 each

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Antichrist - The Second Coming
Antichrist - St. Hippolytus 
Orthodoxy or Heterodoxy
The Last Judgment 
Remember the Second Coming 
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Marriage and Family

"Have great care of your children  We live at a time when much freedom is given to the expression of thought, but little care is taken that thoughts should be founded on truth.  Teach them to love truth."  St Macarius of Optina, Spiritual Direction.

No saint grew up watching TV, but many were raised listening to the lives of saints.

The Sacrament of Matrimony According to the Doctrine and Ritual of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Archpriest F. Basaroff
Orthodox marriage, its traditions, practices and theology.  Contains a detailed explanation of the betrothal and marriage services, with thoughtful advice on a true sacramental marriage. 0-89981-081-0  Price:  $1.95
Available through SJKP 
Living Orthodoxy  Vol. XXVIII 5:3 #167

Bishop Ignaty Brianchaninov
The struggle to remain pure in a world so dominated by everything that is used to enflame the passion of lust is difficult, but not impossible.  Good advice, taken from the writings of the early desert fathers.  0-89981-155-8  Price:  .75

Duties of Parents and Children
St. John Chrysostom
Excellent advice on the important values and goals in raising children.  Extremely useful today in this morally confused world where children are exposed to anti-Christian attacks from their peers, television and music, and even from their teachers.  Must reading for all families.  089981-016-0  Price:  .25

Chastity - The Discipline and Advantage of Chastity
St. Cyprian of Carthage
Excellent advice.  A help in resisting the pleas of the dissolute to join them in giving in to lust.  For complete description, see listing under the Spirituality section.  0-89981-126-4  Price:  $1.50
Available through SJKP  [redone]

Abortion: An Orthodox Perspective
Cuts through the fashionable double-talk regarding abortion.  Irrefutably proves through Scripture and quotations from the Fathers what abortion really is - murder.  Single copy free.

Various Subjects

Sermons of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow
Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow
Inspiring, practical sermons by this great light of the 19th century Russian Orthodox Church.  Some of the subjects are: On the Causes and Uses of Affliction, On Signs and Miracles, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Against Worldly Sin.  A brief life of Metropolitan Philaret is included.  0-89981-01-8  Price:  $3.95
Christ is Risen:  The Paschal Sermons of Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow
A selection of the Paschal sermons delivered by Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow.  0-89981-118-3  Price:  $5.95

There are 31 sermons that are being serialized in Living Orthodoxy Magazine.  Details [which sermon in which issue] will be added here later.  In the meantime:

Duties of Parish Priests
Bishop George Konissky of Mogileff, assisted by Bishop Parthenius Sopkofsky of Smolensk
Long a standard work, it clearly states the duties of parish priests in precise detail.  Covers the instructions of parishioners both by word and by deed, the administration of the sacraments, and the life of prayer.  A very important book; it sets things in correct perspective.   0-89981-070-5  Price:  $12.50

Pilgrimage of the Russian Abbot Daniel in the Holy Land
The record of the pilgrimage in 1106 of a Russian Abbot to the Holy Land.  He gives a very complete description of each of the numerous places he visited.  Includes his account of witnessing the descent of the Holy Light in the church of the Holy Sepulchre.  0-89981-070-5  Price:  $7.50

The Decalogue
St. Gregory Palamas
Good advice on understanding the Ten Commandments and keeping them.  0-89981-202-3  Price: .50

Sees and Bishops in the Holy Eastern Church
A list of the active and retired bishops and their sees, reprinted from the very rare 1870 original.  It is of limited use, reprinted so it would not be lost.  0-89981-157-4  Price:  $1.95

Orthodox Christian Identification Card
An emergency card to be carried in the wallet, requesting that an Orthodox priest be called in case of accident.  Single copy free, multiple copies .05 each

Holy Water Label
A sticker/label to afix to a bottle of Holy Water.  Single sticker free, multiple stickers .05 each

Quotations from the Fathers
Several different selections from the writings of the great Fathers of the Church. 
Printed on card stock  .05
Note size, with envelope  .25 

Early Irish and British Church

The titles listed here are reprints of extremely rare originals.  Many appeared in periodicals of limited circulation over 100 years ago.  Recently, many of the deep roots of the planting of Christianity have been dug up and thrown out, to make room for  the weeds of modern theological ideas.

We wish to preserve the legacy of the early Irish Church, lest it be totally forgotten.   The Church in Ireland was an integral member of the Orthodox Church for over 500 years during the flourishing of Irish Christianity.  Monks from Egypt were to be found in the Irish Monasteries.  The Celtic Church has a rich spiritual heritage. 

These books are not intended for the average reader simply looking for works directly relating to the Eastern Orthodox Church, but rather they have been published to make them accessible to scholars and those with a particular interest in the field of Early Irish Christianity.  They have been issued in extremely rare editions.

Please note, these lives of Saints are not up to the standards of Orthodox hagiography.   They have been tampered with to a greater or lessor extent as they have been transmitted down through the centuries.  We cannot vouch for their authenticity.  While some individual events are not verifiable, there is considerable truth in the basic facts contained in their lives.

Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church
Frederick E. Warren
An extremely thorough work based on original sources.  It covers the Liturgy and Ecclesiastical organization of the early Celtic Church in fascinating detail, bringing out many of the practices and traditions that the early Celtic church had which were at variance with the then-current and especially present day practices of the Roman Catholic church, but that are still maintained in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  0-89981-110-8  Price:  $12.50

Writings of St. Patrick,with the Metrical Life of St. Patrick
St. Patrick and St. Fiacc
Contains writings of St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, the Confession of St. Patrick, Epistle to King Coroticus, and the Metrical Life of St. Patrick, by St. Fiacc, Bishop of Sletty, who knew St. Patrick, having been both baptized, and then consecrated a bishop by him. 0-89981-109-4  Price:  $2.95
Available through SJKP  [redone]

Tripartite Life of St. Patrick
The Tripartite Life is one of the main sources for many of the incidents contained in the modern lives of St Patrick.  A mine of information compared to modern polarized rewritten lives of St. Patrick.  089981-106-X  Price: $5.95

Prayer of St. Patrick
The Prayer or Breastplate of St. Patrick.  It is also known as the Lorica of St. Patrick.. 0-89981-073-X  Price:  $1.00

St Patrick and the Daughters of Loaghaire
St. Patrick's simple explanation of Christianity to the straightforward questions of the princesses raised in totaloy pagan atmosphere. 089981-087-X  Price:  $1.50

Monastic Rule of St. Carthage
St Carthage, or as he is also known, St. Mochuda the Younger, [636†] was the Bishop of Rathan and Lismore in Ireland.  He wrote this rule of life with special sections for nine different  states of life, ranging from Bishop, to Abbot, to Kings and laymen. It illustrates a number of practices that were current in Ireland, which have been dropped in the West, but have been maintained by the Orthodox Church. 089981-059-4  Price:  $1.50

The Rule of St. Cormac
The short rule of life of St. Cormac McCullinan [Mac Cuillionan, 908†] Bishop of Munster, Ireland.  089981-077-2  Price:  $1.50

Rule of Ailbhe
At. Ailbhe [541†] was the bishop of Emily in Ireland.  He wrote this simple rule for the guidance of monastics. 0-89981-111-6  Price:  $1.50

The Voyage of St. Brendan
St Brendan, the 5th century Irish missionary monk, made extensive travels in a small boat.  Many believe that he reached the coast of America.  This book has translations of both the Irish and Welsh accounts of his voyage.  0-89979-030-5  Price:  $4.95

St. Cuimmin's Poem on the Saints of Ireland
A brief mention of many saints.  St. Cuimmin lived in the 7th century.  Price:  $1.50

Life of St. Cuthbert
Translated by W. Forbes-Leith
This life of St. Cuthbert was written anonymously around the year 700 by an eyewitness who had lived with St. Cuthbert, at Melrose and Lindisfarne.  An inspiring account of St. Cuthbert's life and the miracles performed at his intercession. Originally published in an edition of 100 copies in 1888, this extremely rare book  has now been made accessible to all.  0-89981-043-8

Life of St. Finan of Lock Leyn
This life of St. Finan, the Abbot of Kinnetty in the 7th century. Text in English and Gaelic.  Many historical inaccuracies and exaggerations.  Published only to preserve the wheat of St. Finan's holy deeds, not the chaff of later hagiographies.   0-89981-035-6  Price:  $1.95

The Story of St. Frideswide
Francis Goldie
From an early age, St. Frideswide rejected the things of this world for things of more eternal nature.  She rejected marriage, and established a convent in Oxford, England, in the 8th century.  Through her prayers, God worked many miracles.  She is considered the patron of Oxford.  0-89981-139-6  Price:  $2.95
Available through SJKP
Living Orthodoxy  #179 Vol. XXX #5 

Altus of St. Columba
The famous poem composed by St. Columba.  0-89981-210-4  Price:  $1.25

Saltair na Rann
Also known as the Psalter of Verses, this is an Irish poetical account of history from the Creation of the Universe to the time of Christ.  It has been attributed to St. Aengus.  0-89979-036-4  Price:  $4.95

Martyrology or Felire of St. Aengus
St. Aengus
St. Aengus, also known as St. Oengus the Culdee, wrote  this martyrology or daily calendar of saints about 800 A.D.  Contains references to many early Irish saints, as well as many other saints. St. Aengus was inspired through a vision to collect the names of as many saints as he could, so they would be honored and not forgotten by future generations. Extensive notes add much to the text. 0-89981-057-8/0-89981-025-X  Price:  $12.50